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Star species

Our star species are some of the most interesting birds you may see on your visit to the reserve.

Hen harrier

Hen harriers are winter visitors to Parkgate. You can see them hunting low over the marshes, looking for unwary voles or small birds to snatch up! High tide brings their prey closer to the viewpoint

Hen harrier - male

Little egret

These dainty little white herons can be seen throughout the year at Parkgate. You can see them fishing, stirring up fish fry from the creeks and shore with their feet.

Little egret


In autumn and winter, keep your eyes peeled for a dashing merlin on a high-speed hunt. They're small falcons which zoom around at high speed, low to the ground - meadow pipits beware!

Merlin - male

Short-eared owl

Short-eared owls can be seen hunting here from autumn through to early spring. The afternoons are a good time to spot them banking and gliding just above the ground; their piercing yellow eyes scanning for voles moving in below.

Short-eared owl


Spring visits to Parkgate will be enriched by the beautiful song of skylarks. They rise up into the air from the grassland and saltmarsh until they are barely visible and only their song can be heard.


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