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Star species

Our star species are some of the most interesting birds you may see on your visit to the reserve.

Black guillemot

As their name suggests, black guillemots are black nearly all over, save for white on their wings but have bright red legs and inside their beak. Look out for them on the cliffs and swimming on the sea.

Black guillemot - breeding plumage


Guillemots look ungainly when they shuffle around on their nesting ledges on the cliffs, but underwater their streamlined shape comes into its own and they become agile and manoeuvrable.



Visit Mull of Galloway in spring and early summer and your ears will be filled with the unmistakable 'kitti-wake' calls of this dainty gull. Look along the cliffs to see them packed onto their tiny nesting ledges.

Kittiwake - adult


Keep an eye out for a commotion among birds on the cliffs - a peregrine may be making a fly past. They are a regular sight overhead when a pair is nesting in the area.

Peregrine - adult


Puffins are here in low numbers between May and July. Watch the adults returning from fishing forays at sea with sandeels hanging from their colourful beaks.

Puffin - adult in breeding plumage

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