Strumpshaw Fen sunset and reeds


Get closer to nature on a wildlife safari led by a reserve warden.

Your own wildlife safari

At our Strumpshaw Fen nature reserve, you can arrange for a warden to take you on your own unique wildlife safari.

Each visit is tailored to suit you and you can even set foot in areas not normally accessible to the public!

Prices start from £80 per group - please give us a call - please give us a call to discuss pricing in more detail.

We offer a 20 per cent discount for RSPB members and a 50 per cent discount for under 16s. 

All visits last around four hours and include light refreshments, and the income generated from your visit directly supports our work in the Broads.

Each season is just brimming with sights, so all you need do is decide when you want to come and visit us!

How do I rent-a-warden?

Renting you own warden couldn't be easier. Simply contact the Strumpshaw Fen nature reserve team and they'll sort it all out. 

Please try and book at least three weeks in advance as short-notice bookings may not be possible.

Marsh harrier, female in flight, Strumpshaw Fen, Norfolk
Coast on a stormy day

Strumpshaw Fen
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The Strumpshaw Fen experience

Join us in spring or summer when the meadows begin to blossom with wildflowers, dancing dragonflies, and the spectacular swallowtail butterfly. Listen to the songs of spring migrants and look out for 'sky-dancing' marsh harriers.

In autumn, ospreys are regularly seen fishing during their southwards migration and marsh harriers gather in groups to roost, making it a wildlife experience that you won't forget.

In winter, hundreds of ducks including teals, gadwalls and shovelers feed in the reedbed pools. You'll be able to see the grazing marshes, home to England's only wintering flock of Taiga bean geese, mixed with white-fronted and pink-footed geese.

Your personal RSPB guide will also help you to seek out elusive species such as bittern, otter, Chinese water deer and stunning kingfishers.

Swallowtail butterfly on lilac