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Northern Ireland

RSPB Rathlin Island nature reserve, County Antrim

Image: David Wootton

RSPB Northern Ireland's core purpose is to conserve wild birds and habitats in Northern Ireland. In doing so, our work also benefits other wildlife and people, by improving the quality of life here.

The environment in 21st Century Northern Ireland is under constant threat – even more so now than when we started work here in 1966. Our top priorities are conserving all bird species, especially those that are a priority because of their status, and protecting, enhancing and recreating key habitiats. We now have over 3,000 hectares within our nature reserve network at 10 sites scattered throughout the country.

Our core work benefits from enormous support from individual members (nearly 11,000 in Northern Ireland) and attracting this support forms a large part of our work. We also engage all ages in both formal and informal education opportunities and promote all aspects of our work through the media.

The work of over 40 plus staff is supplemented by that of nearly 170 regular volunteers who carry out a huge range of work on our behalf.

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