Wildflower foray identification activity

There’s so much to see in wild spaces. Next time you’re out walking along a countryside path or through a field, slow down and look at the plants around you, you might be surprised how many there are.

A meadow filled with a mixture of colourful wildflowers, with blue, pink and white Cornflowers in the foreground.

Spring and summer are an ideal time to go hunting for wildflowers in bloom. There are colours of all kinds, see how many you can spot and make a note.  

You could even make some daisy chains and make a wish with a dandelion seed clock. Blooming beautiful.

Estimated time: Under an hour Season: Summer, Spring Skill level: Easy


Find a patch of long grass or a path that’s full of flowers. Wherever you go, check it’s safe and make sure you have permission to be there.

Use our activity sheet (download in: English or Cymraeg/Bilingual) to find as many colours as you can. If you're out spotting in a group, see who can find all the colours first.

An adult and child crouched in a woodland looking at nature.

Why not try to identify the flowers you see and boost your botanical knowledge?

Use a flower ID sheet, or a wildflower guide to find out the names of the plants around you.

Did you know?

There's a flower called Sneezewort, which used to be used to make sneezing powder. Aachoo! 

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