Meet the team

Together, they discuss ideas, help shape the RSPB’s work, attend events and ensure that young people are represented in everything we do. Here they explain what it’s like to be part of the Youth Council.


I believe I can bring great change and engage and inspire the youth into taking action against the big dangers the natural world is facing. Since a young age I have been a massive advocate for the correct treatment of animals. As someone who is a Pakistani who wears a headscarf, I feel as though I represent a lot of the youth in Oldham. More often than not people who look like me are generally never involved with organisations as such. I feel as though I would inspire many girls similar to me to take steps towards creating a better environment for our future.   

I hope to bring a more 2020 innovative way of spreading the messages through social media for the youth of today. I also hope to directly make links with big companies who contribute to climate change and hold them culpable.


I joined the Youth Council because I believed it was somewhere that I could make a difference, on a bigger scale. I've travelled to parts of the country I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go to otherwise, to see amazing birds and other wildlife. Being a representative from Wales it's nice knowing that each area of the country has a voice for the RSPB. Being on the council has led to so many fantastic and unique opportunities that I would've never heard of otherwise, like being part of exciting projects through the RSPB.

Anna - RSPB Youth Council member


Change is something which can easily occur if you actively pursue it. The Youth Council offers an opportunity for like-minded individuals to raise awareness of conservation and wildlife and the perils it faces. 

From an early age, wildlife has always fascinated me.Its diversity is amazing, its ability to adapt astonishing. Through social media I do my upmost to promote and raise awareness on a host of subjects related to the natural world. For me there is a real importance in sharing the joyous encounters, but also highlighting the threat species and habitats are facing. For a voice to be heard, every avenue open to you has to be explored.


I live near the Lake District and nothing makes me feel better than being outside! Within the Youth Council, I am officially the "well-being rep”, which suits me as I’m always lively and happy to help anyone. I’m still in my early days of being an activist, so I haven't got much to my name yet, but hopefully, in the future, I can study environmental science and make a difference. I couldn’t live without nature, so I feel indebted to protect it.

Jess - RSPB Youth Council member


Before I joined the Youth Council I didn’t feel like I was doing enough for nature. I had taken part in one school strike and had tried to organise another at my school but apart from that I had not really done anything. However, the council has given me a wonderful platform. I am now actively contributing to many projects within the RSPB and I feel like I am really making a difference both for the RSPB and for nature itself. I am pushing for more environmental action at my school and the council is always there to help me.

Jannis - RSPB Youth Council member


I’m a young conservationist and wildlife writer, passionate about London’s biodiversity, and encouraging the capital’s young people to make a difference for nature on their doorstep. I campaign for conservation through writing, blogging, public speaking and social media. Joining the Youth Council gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded wildlife enthusiasts, all of whom I have learned from. It has also broadened my perspective of the UK’s habitats and ecosystems, allowed me to travel to a number of RSPB reserves, and given me the skills to connect with other organisations.


Living in Scotland, I have had the chance to experience many of the natural wonders that this country has to offer – from searching for sea eagles to close-ups with pine martens. Every encounter I have with nature strengthens my determination to play my part in conserving and campaigning for the natural world. I joined the Youth Council hoping to take part in projects on a wider scale, influencing the bigger picture and meeting more like-minded young people. I am hoping this platform will give me the opportunity to raise my voice, connect with other young conservationists all over the UK, and fuel my passion to pursue a career in conservation in the future.


I joined the Youth Council because I knew it would be a great way to meet people with similar interests and contribute to the RSPB in a meaningful way. I’d never been part of a group like it and I’d never been involved in eco-activism – I was simply passionate. Now, I can channel this passion in the Youth Council. I currently have a role in social media which is really exciting – I feel for once like I’m actually making an impact. Another bonus is seeing all the wonderful nature reserves, that I’d never normally travel to, for our meetings.

Sennen - RSPB Youth Council member


I joined the Youth Council to have a say in the protection and restoration of natural habitats all over the UK. It’s nice to know you left something better than when you found it and to be heard directly by one of the largest and most respected nature conservation charities in the world, with the knowledge that you can help do things it would take you a lifetime to do on your own. I try to help the world’s ecosystems through my everyday actions, but it’s also good to do something more direct, such as becoming a council member.