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The combination of their stocky bodies and pointed wings makes Quails stand out. Their upperparts are brown, streaked and striped with beige, while their underparts are a warm browny orange. Quails are more likely to be heard than seen. Listen out for their distinctive “pick-per-wick” call. Their breeding range reaches as far north as the UK, where they are the only migrant species of the Phasianidae family, which includes heavy ground-living birds such as the Pheasant. Due to their historical decline, Quails are on the Amber List but are now in partial recovery. They are also listed on Schedule 1 of The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.



Patrik Åberg / xeno-canto


  1. Resident
  2. Passage
  3. Summer
  4. Winter
* This map is intended as a guide. It shows general distribution rather than detailed, localised populations.
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