Big Garden Birdwatch

24-25 January 2015

36 years of your bird counts

Since 1979 we've been asking you to count the birds in your garden – and you've been absolutely brilliant at it. By collating your results we've been able to monitor trends, understand how birds are doing and take steps to put things right.

Big Garden Birdwatch results 2014

Below are the top stories from 2014’s Big Garden Birdwatch, including some of the findings about the non-bird species, which you told us about for the first time. You can also download the results for 2014 here

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How we can all help the most threatened garden birds in the UK


Our results show that the once-common starling is in trouble. Sadly, numbers recorded in the annual Big Garden Birdwatch have fallen by 80% since 1979.

There are a few easy steps we can take to help turn around the fortunes of these beautiful birds. Keep some areas of your lawn short; starlings love to feed on the creatures just in top of the soil around the roots of the grass and can't get to them easily when grass is too long. Hopefully, in late spring you'll have the pleasure of watching the glossy adults feed their begging chicks, safe in knowledge you're giving nature a home.



In decline since around 2003 due to the disease Trichomonosis. We can help them combat this by keeping our feeders clean. Move them around the garden to reduce the buildup of droppings and regularly remove any waste food.


House Sparrow

These cheerful little birds need to gather insects and grubs for their young. So if we let a small patch of our grass grow long or plant some shrubs we will be providing an excellent feeding habitat for all ground feeding birds.


Song Thrush

The silver tongued song thrush’s beautiful song is sadly becoming rarer across the UK. To encourage them back in to our gardens, we can grow more fruit trees; they love to feed on apples.


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