Corncrake Calling

Supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Corncrake Calling is a new four year project to save these small brown tawny members of the rail family.

About corncrakes

The conservation status of the corncrake remains precarious. Corncrake Calling is essential to ensure the future of this iconic and secretive species in Scotland, protect other wildlife and help preserve the unique culture of rural Scottish communities.


Corncrakes are secretive birds with a very loud voice. On arrival into Scotland from Africa the crex-crex call of the males rings out continuously from long vegetation until they attract a mate. 

How you can help

How you can help - small changes make a big difference. Find out how you can help us save this iconic species

Land management

Find out how RSPB Scotland have been working with farmers and crofters for the last thirty years to help these rare birds survive.  

Seen or heard a corncrake?

We need your help. If you’ve seen or heard a corncrake, report it here and upload your photo or audio recording.

Scottish Parliament Building, Holyrood by Kim Traynor.  Licenced under Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license/ image cropped

Advocacy for corncrake conservation

Scotland’s unique wildlife, including corncrakes are dependent on sympathetic management, supported by government policies and funding. RSPB Scotland will work with partners and the Scottish government to develop a long-term vision for the species which incorporates new policies designed to help rural communities including farmers and crofters support corncrake and other wildlife. The corncrake is an ideal ambassador for the conservation of a diverse range of species and habitats found in these incredibly special places.

Sleeping with Corncrakes - book your holiday today

Fancy a holiday where you are serenaded to sleep by the magical call of the corncrake? Some of our partners who are helping corncrakes offer holiday accommodation. Immerse yourself in this special sound in remote parts of the Highlands and Islands.

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