You'll find the Fairhaven Lake Visitor Centre on the edge of the popular Fairhaven Lake. We run the centre in partnership with Fylde Borough Council, and it's a fantastic place to start your Ribble Estuary adventure from.

Down at the lake’s edge, you can see different ducks and geese. Look out for tufted ducks as they dive under the water for their food while the Mallards, Coots and Mute Swans glide serenely across the surface.

On the far side of the lake, the sea defence wall offers a fabulous view over the whole Ribble Estuary which is recognised as one of the most important places for over-wintering waders and wildfowl in Europe. It’s home to over 250,000 birds in the Winter months and is protected as a Special Protection Area (SPA), a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a RAMSAR Wetland site.

With its vast mudflats, saltmarsh and sand dune network, it's a haven for birds. Swirling flocks of knot, great numbers of Redshanks, Curlews, Dunlins and Black-tailed Godwits are among the distinctive birds you can see here throughout the Autumn and Winter. Keep an eye out for large skeins of Pink-footed Geese flying in V-formation and Shelducks dabbling on the mudflats.

The birds arriving here have flown thousands of miles from breeding grounds in the Arctic Tundra, Greenland and Siberia and will consume the vast quantities of shellfish and worms that live in the estuary mud.

In our visitor centre you'll find fun and interactive displays and daily activities. Our friendly team of staff and volunteers are always on hand to help out as well.

As well as catering for all your bird food, bird care and wildlife needs we have a wide range of binoculars and telescopes. We also have a great gift selection as well a range of books and stationery.

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Bring your science and geography lessons to life with our curriculum linked sessions run by our learning team on the reserve. We offer a variety of hands on, practical sessions which you can choose from. Find out more about our school visits here.

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