Loch of Kinnordy is a haven for wildlife and walkers alike. This shallow loch is set among farmland, woodland and the rolling hills beyond. Stop by in summer to spot Osprey, look out for Otters, Red Squirrels and deer year-round, as well as waders, wildfowl out on Kinnordy Loch and Great Spotted Woodpeckers drumming in the trees. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of the resident Beavers living on the loch and you may spot a Beaver lodge or chewed tree. 

What makes Loch of Kinnordy special is its mosaic of open water, reedbed and marsh scrubland habitats. This is how we want it to stay but the loch has other ideas. 
The water here is high in nutrients which create the perfect conditions for plants to grow, from pond weed and algae to bulrush and eventually shrubs and trees. Over time, the loch would naturally turn from open water into woodland. In the past, this was not a problem as other lochs would form in its place but today, due to human intervention, there is no space for new wetlands to form. This makes Loch of Kinnordy an important lifeline for wetland wildlife. 
This is where the hard work comes in. We need to control the vegetation at the reserve to protect the open water habitat. This can be done using machinery, grazing livestock or the old fashioned way – by hand.
By removing vegetation and monitoring water quality and wildlife we can work to maintain the mosaic of habitats that are vital to those wetland species who call Kinnordy home.

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