Girl building homes for nature in her garden

Homes for nature

Download our step-by-step activity sheets that show you how to make some simple but effective homes for nature.

Making a bug hotel, view of completed structure showing detail of components, Potton lower school, Bedfordshire

Make simple homes for nature

From a bug hotel to a hog house, see our downloadable step-by-step guides to making simple homes for nature.

Homes for nature

Some bats are small enough to fit into a matchbox, so this box makes a perfect roost. PDF, 1.57Mb.

Make a bat box

What good is a bucket with holes in it? Make a brilliant home for beetles. PDF, 2.04Mb.

Make a beetle bucket

You can make this for tiny solitary bees to lay their eggs in. PDF, 1.17Mb.

Make a bee house

Build your very own Bug-ingham Palace! PDF, 1.42Mb.

Make a bug hotel

Bumblebee queens are on the lookout for a nest to raise their young - this is how to make one for them! PDF, 1.93Mb.

Make a bumblebee nest

Give butterflies a healthy sweet shop by growing plants that send them into a real flutter. PDF, 1.87Mb.

Make a butterfly garden

Find out who’s eating all your fruity leftovers. Build a box for bugs that they’ll just love eating. PDF, 127Kb.

Make a compostarium

Frogs, toads and reptiles hibernate for the cold months. A big home for these creatures is called a hibernaculum. Start digging! PDF, 1.81Mb.

Make a hibernaculum

While you’re awake, hedgehogs are asleep. Build the perfect snooze palace to keep a hog happy. PDF, 127Kb.

Make a hog house

Create a secret world for all the little creatures that come out at night. PDF, 2.25Mb.

Make a log pile

How would you like your very own wetland nature reserve in a washing-up bowl? PDF, 2.14Mb.

Make a mini pond

Seeds might look boring but wait and see what grows. A wildflower meadow is brilliant for all sorts of little creatures. PDF, 1.89Mb.

Make a mini meadow

Just think – the box you make could soon be filled with baby birds! PDF, 145Kb.

Make a nest box

A rock pile can make a great home and hiding place for everything from frogs and newts to bumper beetles. PDF, 1.75Mb.

Make a rock pile

A sleepy toad wants somewhere dark, damp and cool. Make your very own toad abode. PDF, 135Kb

Make a toad hole

Start a baby tree on its way to becoming a giant. PDF, 1.5Mb.

Plant a tree