What is Wild Challenge?

This award scheme is all about investigating wildlife and doing practical things to give nature a safe and welcoming home.

What is Wild Challenge?

Lots of things threaten nature, but there are many positive things we can do to help.

Wild Challenge is a free award scheme that anyone can take part in, that prompts children to connect with, and learn about, nature through a series of fun and engaging activities. 

At the RSPB we believe in inclusivity which is why we accept submissions from all ages and abilities. This makes Wild Challenge a perfect framework for learning. Mainly designed for primary aged school pupils in mainstream education, it can easily be adapted for Home Educators, pupils with Special Educational Needs and Early Years.

All you need to do is create an account and an online profile and within a few quick and easy steps you’ll be ready to get started with your wild challenge.

You can go as quickly or as slowly as you like and we have a whole range of accessible resources and activities to make the most of seasonality and suit your needs and location. There’s something to do throughout the year, no matter what the weather brings.

Selected other RSPB initiatives such as the Big Schools’ Birdwatch, all count towards your achievements too.

Black beetle

How it works

What makes up your Wild Challenge is up to you.

There are 24 fun activities to choose from and bronze, silver and gold awards to achieve depending on how many you complete.

The activities are divided into two sections - Help nature and Experience nature.

You must complete 3 activities from each section to earn each level of the award. You cannot repeat an activity as it will not count at another level, even if you do it differently. 

  • Bronze award: you need to complete 6 activities, 3 from Help Nature and 3 from Experience Nature.
  • Silver award: you need to complete 6 further activities, another 3 from Help Nature and another 3 from Experience Nature (making a total of 12 activities completed). 
  • Gold award: you need to complete another 6 activities, again 3 more from Help Nature and 3 more from Experience Nature (making a total of 18 activities completed). 

As you complete each activity, you'll have to submit a piece of evidence to show that your class has done it – as listed in the ‘what to send us’ section at the end of each activity.

You don’t need to send us lots of long, complicated reports. Photographs are a great way to show us what you have done We just need you to show us that you have completed the activity. We may use some of the things you send us to promote the scheme. 

Within 28 days of completion, each pupil, class or year group will receive a certificate and stickers for the actions they do. Your entire school will also be rewarded for its combined effort! Schools can repeat activities with new classes. Just register your new class and they can begin their own Wild Challenge.

Eco Schools England accepts a bronze award as completing their biodiversity module, and Children’s University has registered these activities as a learning destination. See our web pages for more details. 

That's it. Your challenge awaits! It’s easy, fun and incredibly rewarding. So what are you waiting for? Why not get your whole school involved?