Let Nature Sing
Imagine spring without bird song. Imagine summer without a bee’s busy buzz. 56% of UK wildlife is in decline and time’s running out to protect what’s left. Spread the word – don’t let nature’s music stop.

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Today, there are 40 million fewer birds than there were 40 years ago. We need to turn up the volume on nature before it’s too late. Show your support by getting bird song into the charts.

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Chorus Hub

Enjoy exclusive features on nature’s songs. From celebrating how nature inspires music and benefits wellbeing, to the facts about the crisis facing nature, join in and share your love of nature.


Nature needs us now – 165 species are critically endangered in the UK. Together, let’s put nature back on the agenda. Spread the word and share nature’s song #LetNatureSing. Use the social share icons below to speak up for the wildlife we love.

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