Let Nature Sing
Thank you for bringing bird song to train stations, workplaces, living rooms and even a castle on the 17 October 2019! Together we sent a strong message to the people in power - nature is in crisis and they must act now. Keep listening, find out who took part and see how you can keep helping.
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Thank you for taking over

Thank you for hosting your own bird song takeover, involving a local business or simply tuning in to bird song on 17 October. You helped bring bird song to the UK via work places, public spaces and by simply taking time out to listen. Over 5,000 fantastic locations took part and we even played bird song on Westminster Tube!

Make a change for nature

Now you’ve taken part in the takeover, there are still lots of ways you can make a change. From going green at home to campaigning with us, you can help make a positive contribution to the environment. Don’t forget, you can still listen to bird song via our Birdsong Radio app, and get your friends involved! Let us know how you get on using #LetNatureSing

Host your own bird song takeover

Even though we took over the UK on 17 October, you can still host your own takeover and share your love of bird song! You can organise afternoon tea with a bird song soundtrack, run a bird song listening party, or encourage work mates to take a bird song break!

Involve a local business

We’ve got all you need to involve a local business with the bird song takeover - at any time of the year. Use our templates and resources to contact your local business and help them bring bird song to their premises. You could encourage them to take a bird song break, play Birdsong Radio to customers, or host a bird song afternoon tea.

What's it all about?

bird song

Nature is in crisis, and the signs are everywhere. But there is time to change things. A movement is building and through Let Nature Sing and the upcoming State of Nature report, we’re playing our part. Come and join us.