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Campaigning in Northern Ireland

We have a huge opportunity to turn around nature's decline in Northern Ireland. But only if we act now. If you care about nature, join us and be the voice for change.

This election it’s time to deliver for nature and climate.

With the Northern Ireland Assembly elections taking place on Thursday 5 May, we have an opportunity to ensure nature and climate issues are addressed in the next Assembly term. Please take action with us by sharing RSPB NI’s manifesto with your local candidates.  

RSPB NI’s Manifesto for Nature

Read RSPB NI’s Manifesto for Nature which explains in clear and concise steps how we can tackle the nature and climate crisis, what a Green Recovery for Northern Ireland looks like, and how Sustainable land use and Planning and development can help us to restore and protect nature. 

History in the making!

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK without its own climate laws. Thanks to your help, we’re working to change this…

Almost 1,000 of you sent over 4,000 emails to your local MLAs, urging them to vote in favour of the Northern Ireland Climate Change Bill during its crucial Second Stage debate. The result was a win for nature (and all of us). Read all about it and find out what happens next ...

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Green recovery in Northern Ireland 

This is a pivotal moment for people and nature. A Green Recovery, if we get it right, will benefit us all. If the Northern Ireland Executive follow our five-point plan of bold solutions, we can create a sustainable future where people live in harmony with abundant wildlife and a nature-rich economy. 

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Take action for nature in Northern Ireland

The good news is, it’s not too late to take action against the nature and climate emergency. During February, nearly 1,200 of you sent an email to the NI Finance Minister calling for a Green Recovery Fund! And the campaign doesn't end there - find out what we'll be doing next and how you can help.

Become a Campaign Champion

Make your voice heard on issues you care about in Northern Ireland. Our network of Campaign Champions are vital in making sure that MLAs know that issues affecting nature are important, and to persuade them to make a difference for nature. The good news is a lot of it can be done from home!

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Not sure how to get started?

Never fear! We’ve got all the tools and resources you might need, whether you're campaigning from home, doing it face-to-face (when it's safe!) or using social media. Rest assured you’re joining a network of other Campaign Champions too, all working together for the same cause.