Greening public investment

Protecting the wild world around us must be at the heart of government spending decisions.

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The government spends significant amounts of money on public investment. The challenge is to make sure it really works for nature. 

We're pushing for effective checks on public investment, as well as changes to the guidance on how this money is spent.  

The Dasgupta Review 

In 2021, the Dasgupta Review into the economics of global biodiversity found that economies are embedded in nature. The destruction of nature not only threatens the survival of all species, but is also placing our economies and wellbeing at risk. 

Economic policy

Nature and climate must be at the heart of all government spending decisions. We need to value nature and transform the way we protect and restore it at scale. This will require a major shift in the way we approach economic policy, as well as changes to how we assess economic performance. 

Government decision-making

We encourage Government to bring forward clear rules for investment in the wider economy and private sector, including the need to report impacts on nature and properly measure them.

What nature needs

  • To effectively put into practice government guidance from the Green Book, with investment and policy choices that reflect the value of biodiversity and natural capital.
  • Screening of all government spending policies to ensure annual Budgets and Spending Reviews support a net-zero, Nature Positive transition.

Transitioning to a Nature Positive economy

The Dasgupta Review made recommendations about how we must transform our economic system if people and the planet are to prosper.

Now is the time to work together and restore nature, based on a new sustainable economic model. Our response to the review, Transitioning to a Nature Positive Economy by 2030 – with partners Vivid Economics, Wildlife and Countryside Link and Green Alliance – identifies measurable actions governments need to take. 

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