Wild sleepout

Pitch-up and get a taste for the night life. What could be more exciting than a night under the stars? Sleeping outside can be thrilling. You’ll experience many wonderful new things that you wouldn’t get to see indoors.

An adult and child setting up a tent on a grassy hill, with the sun sunsetting behind.

There are all kinds of wildlife that wakes up when it gets dark, along with a sky twinkling with stars, planets, satellites, planes and if you’re lucky, shooting stars.  
How you experience nature after the sun goes down is up to you. You could camp in a tent, under a blanket or even on a trampoline. Try a few hours outside or stay outside for the whole night.  
Visit our events pages to find out about Big Wild Sleepout events at our nature reserves.  
When you’ve finished your sleepout, let us know how you got on.

Did you know:

The smallest bat in the UK is the Pipistrelle and they weigh less than a £1 coin.

Estimated time: 1 day Season: Summer Skill level: Not too tricky


If you're new to camping, then starting in your garden is a really simple way to begin

But, if you don't have a garden or you want to venture further afield, there are loads of amazing wild campsites around the country which are sure to provide an amazing night under the stars.

Seen from above: A group of four adults sat on benches around a campfire, which is surrounded by a ring of stones.

Choose a dry, calm night (ideally a warm one) and set up your tent in a handy spot

If you don’t have a tent, you could make a shelter. Even if you don't have a tent or shelter, you can still have a great sleepout.

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