Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2024

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in Big Schools' Birdwatch 2024. We are currently analysing all the findings before we can share the results with you.

Three children sat on a wooden bench outside of their school.
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Which bird will be the most sighted in Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2024?

Thank you to all the many teachers and pupils who took part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch. Our scientists are currently looking at all the findings. Come back soon to find out the results. 

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Have you heard about the RSPB's Wild Challenge? 

Wild Challenge is a free award scheme for schools to help engage children with nature through practical learning opportunities. If you've completed this year's Big Schools' Birdwatch, you're already one step closer to achieving a Bronze Award, but there are more than 20 other activities to choose from. Wild Challenge Award provides a perfect framework for learning and is open to all ages and abilities.  

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