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Summer is here – let’s get out and enjoy it!

Nature is in full bloom, so there’s no better time to get out in your garden and see what’s going on.  And, if you want to help nature on a wider scale, why not join us and help give nature a home? As well as the warm glow of helping wildlife around the country, you also get FREE entry to more than 170 beautiful nature reserves, plus your choice of free gift. Frequently asked questions

Your free gift choice includes

Our Handbook of Garden Wildlife

(offer ends 2 September)

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Membership for one adult from only £4 a month


Membership for two adults from only £4 a month


Membership for 1-2 adults and up to 5 children from only £5 a month


Membership for up to 5 children. £23 a year for one child or £34 a year for 2-5 children

What does membership give me?

  • Unlimited entry to more than 170 UK nature reserves
  • free gift of your choice to help you get the most out of your membership
  • Nature's Home magazine every quarter
  • A welcome pack to help you make the most of your membership
  • Find out more about the extra benefits of Family membership, Youth membership and Gift membership

How can membership help nature?

  • With your support, we protect wildlife and the wider countryside you love.
  • Just £4 a month across the year means we can plant 12 native tree saplings to help restore our woodlands
  • £5 a month across the year will employ and equip a nature reserve warden for a day to help protect nature
  • £7 a month across the year provides a field teacher to give school children a wild day outdoors

A free gift of your choice

When you join, you'll get a choice of free gift to match the season. Right now, you can choose from two:
  • The RSPB Handbook of Garden Wildlife (offer ends 2 September)
  • The RSPB Handbook of British Birds

Frequently asked questions

A family exploring the meadows at Labrador Bay, Devon, England.

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