Press Release

RSPB statement on EU Commission challenge

Posted 5 min read 

Katie-jo Luxton, the RSPB’s director of conservation, said: “This outrageous challenge by the EU Commission on the UK’s Sandeel fisheries closure is seeing the future of beautiful birds like our much-loved Puffins kicked around like a political football. While some EU countries seem hell-bent on hoovering up Sandeels on an industrial scale to feed to livestock, we believe they should be restoring marine ecosystems and nourishing baby Pufflings. 

“Almost 62% of seabird species are in decline across the UK, with over-fishing and climate change having decimated the Sandeel stocks many rely on.   

“The EU should look to its own stated ambition on marine restoration, recognise that these measures support this and back down. The UK Government must stand firm on the Sandeel closure across the English North Sea and all of Scottish waters. With species like our seabirds in steep decline we need to be doing so much more to safeguard the future of our wildlife, not stamping on the green shoots of progress as soon as it is made.”