Using creativity to urge the Government to save our birds at COP 15

COP15 is here, so it’s time to meet the people using creativity to urge the Government to save British birds. Join Channel 4 News’ Ruben Reuter as he meets some of the people coming together to call on the UK Government to act now to save British birds.

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A lone Starling perched on a lichen covered branch.

The fight to stop extinction

Protesters call for government to save British birds

Starling murmuration

Ruben interviews Hannah Bourne-Taylor, author and campaigner, who delivered The Feather Speech, and walked two miles to Downing Street, wearing nothing but painted-on Swifts. The interview takes place as a Starling murmuration flicks through the sky behind them, the black cloud swirling as Hannah explains the dramatic population declines of both Starlings and Swifts. Following Hannah’s speech in London, she opened a vital petition to make Swift bricks with cavity holes in them compulsory across new housing in Britain.  

Sign the petition here.

A Swift in mid flight against a background of greenery.

Ruben goes on to meet the dance students from Bird College who united with choreographer, Sadeck Waff, to create a human murmuration. This dance mirrors the beauty of birds moving as one and highlights our power to work together to save nature. The hope is that this movement will serve as an inspiration for world leaders to work together next week at COP15.  

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity, or COP15, is taking place this December in Canada. It’ll be a once in a decade opportunity for world leaders to set nature-positive goals to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. 

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