Children doing activities, RSPB Ribble Discovery Centre

Make a food chain mobile

Decorate your room with this smart mobile and learn about the food chain at the same time.

You will need

  • Paper
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Compasses
  • Paints
  • Crayons or felt-tips
  • String
  • Pins

Stay safe!

Remember that scissors and pins are sharp, so be careful.

Step by step

  1. Practise drawing the different elements of the chain on paper. Make sure you give them a clear outline that you can cut around.

  2. Draw the smallest food, the hazel nut, in the food chain, and use the compasses to draw a circle around it.

  3. Draw the mouse around this circle. Surround that with a circle of its own, and draw the owl around that.

  4. Colour your food chain in. It doesn’t matter if you go over the edges because you are going to cut it out.

  5. Cut out all the circles and then cut around the outlines of the nut, the mouse and the owl.

  6. Carefully pierce a hole in the top of the hazel nut, and thread string through it. Pierce another hole above the circle in the mouse and string the two together. Use a pin to make a hole in the mouse where the mouse and nut are balanced, as in the drawing. You might need to try more than one position with the pin. When the hole is in the right place, thread string through it.

  7. Attach the mouse to the owl in the same way as step 6 and find the balance point with a pin. Hang up your finished mobile and watch it move in the wind.