Why include a gift to nature in your will

Around a third of the RSPB’s income is from charitable bequests. They're vital in our work to protect and restore nature.

St Aidan's at sunrise, a view across the lake and through the reeds
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Our promise to you

If you're thinking of leaving a gift for nature in your will, we promise you that:

  • We value any gift, large or small
  • Your gift will be used wherever it can have the greatest impact for nature
  • We'll respect your privacy and handle your enquiry with care, sensitivity and respect
  • You can always change your mind about your gift to the RSPB

Why leave a legacy to the RSPB?

Here, two people who have decided to leave us a gift in their will share their reasons.

Two young Hedgehogs sniffing the mossy base of a tree.

Not just in books

Heidi Oliver has always been interested in nature and conservation, with a particular interest in hedgehogs.

I was so impressed by the work the RSPB do to support British plants and wildlife, not just birds, that I was very keen to become a member myself. I decided to leave a gift in my will as I think it is a brilliant way of ensuring there is protection for British nature for generations to come People enjoy the wildlife we have in Britain, and nature provides a welcome break from our busy lives. I hope the gift I’m leaving to the RSPB in my will allows future generations to enjoy butterflies and hedgehogs, and not have their only access to be their pictures in books.

Juvenile Tawny Owl sat in a cherry plum tree

Protecting for future generations

Stuart Robinson grew up on the banks of the River Dee in Chester, in a house with a large woodland garden.

Birds and the garden were my passion and what led me to join the RSPB. I have seen similar areas of habitat disappear, not just in cities but also in the countryside, and wanted to address that. I hope that I can help protect habitats for future generations. The RSPB aims to do just that because, as much as I love them, it’s not just about the birds, but the entire ecosystem which they are a part of. The RSPB’s support and guidance has been excellent throughout. Discussing what will happen after one’s death is never easy, but it has always struck just the right tone.

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How to include us in your will

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