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We can’t imagine a world without skylarks, puffins, red squirrels and hedgehogs, which is why we work hard to protect our wonderful wildlife and the places it calls home. By pledging a gift in your will, you’ll help secure a future for nature and a legacy for generations to come.

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If you are an executor or solicitor, please go to our Legacy Administration page here.

Your legacy is the future of nature

A gift in your will to the RSPB is one of the most powerful ways you can help give nature a bright future.
Our place in the natural world connects us all. For centuries, nature has inspired and nurtured us. We grew and changed together. Until we began to grow apart.

It’s time to reconnect with nature, before we lose sight of our way home.

For over 100 years, the RSPB has inspired each generation to love and care for nature. Now, we’re working tirelessly to tackle the biggest threats facing our world.

A gift in your Will to the RSPB is one of the most powerful ways you can help us create a future filled with wildlife, where we live in harmony with nature once more. 

To request your free Gifts in Wills guide, search RSPB Legacy or give us a call on 01767 669700.

Download your Gifts in Wills guide for free

We know making a will isn’t easy. This guide will help you get started and show how your gift could help protect nature for generations.

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Information for executors & solicitors

If you’re an executor of a will, or solicitor handling an estate, click below to get in contact with our Legacy Administration team.

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Why include us in your will?

A gift to the RSPB is a gift to the natural world. We’re working hard to ensure that the wonders of wildlife continue to uplift and enrich generations to come. You can help us. 
Why Include Us? 

How to include us in your will

Thinking about including us in your will, but have a few questions? This section will tell you what you need to know.

Find Out How 

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Contact the legacy team

Want to know more about how your donation would be used to help wildlife? Get in touch for a confidential chat.

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We have a team of local Legacy Advisers across the four UK countries.

To speak with one of our Legacy Advisers, please give us a call on 01767 669700 or email us at legacy.team@rspb.org.uk.

If you would like to get in contact via post, our UK Headquarters address is:

Legacy Team
The Lodge,
Potton Road,
SG19 2DL

Four countries addresses



Legacy Team
2 Lochside View,
Edinburgh Park,
EH12 9DH


Legacy Team
Castlebridge 3,
5-19 Cowbridge Road East,
CF11 9AB

Northern Ireland:

Legacy Marketing Team
Belvoir Park Forest,


Legacy Marketing Team
1st Floor,
One Cornwall Street,
B3 2JN 

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