Minibeast and bug safari

It's time to go on a safari... a bug safari! Can you spot a Wolf (Spider), dragon (fly) or Tiger (Moth) in your green patch?

Two children crouched on the edge of a field path, investigating what they can find in the longer grasses.

From beautiful butterflies and dainty ladybirds to slimy slugs and impressive shield bugs, you're sure to track down plenty of invertebrates (animals without backbones) on your bug hunt activity.  
You can find invertebrates everywhere – under logs and rocks, beneath pots, on leaves, in the grass and on walls. Just remember, to them you're a GIANT! So be very gentle to avoid hurting these tiny creatures. 
Have a wild bug hunt, show us how you got on and take another bold step towards completing your Wild Challenge!

Estimated time: Under an hour Season: All year Skill level: Not too tricky


Are you a teacher?

Your school grounds provide a home for hundreds of creatures. How many will your class find on a bug hunt safari?

This activity is about finding and getting to know minibeasts. You can also find out more about habitats and learn about food chains.

Get them thinking

Here are some prompts to help with learning:

  • Which areas of your school grounds do you think would provide suitable habitat for minibeasts? Why?
  • Once you have discovered a living creature, what evidence can you see for why that creature lives in that location?
  • Why would a greater diversity of minibeasts be a positive thing?

Head out into your garden, local green space such as a park, or your school playing field

Invertebrates can be found everywhere but please make sure you have permission to be there and that the spot you choose is safe.

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