You can help prevent an extinction emergency

  • At risk

    Tristan albatrosses face extinction on Gough Island
  • 2 Million

    Chicks and eggs are being lost each year
  • 11

    Bird species are suffering


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Help us reach our target

A Tristan albatross and dead chick on Gough Island

It’s life or death for the Tristan albatross

Your generous help today can stop an extinction emergency on Gough Island, a UK Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic. Defenceless seabirds are being attacked by invasive non-native mice. See for yourself in the video. But all is not lost.

Decisive action to remove every mouse from Gough can save the Tristan albatross and the lives of over 2 million other seabird chicks a year.

All we need now is your support for one of our most ambitious extinction prevention projects. Every £30 you give makes 200 square metres of land safe from invasive mice, helping to restore one of the world’s most important seabird islands.

Tristan albatross and dead chick

Your help is vital



will help to make 200 m2 of land safe for albatrosses.


will help to make 400 m2 of land safe for albatrosses and their chicks.


will help to make 600 m2 of land safe for seabirds.

Our most ambitious extinction prevention project

The RSPB’s Gough team includes world leading island restoration experts who have delivered similar successful projects, including on South Georgia near the Falklands, and Macquarie Island off Tasmania.

Closer to home, on Lundy Island the number of seabirds has trebled since the RSPB and our partners helped remove rodents. With your help, we can do something similar on Gough Island – helping millions of chicks survive each year.

Donate today and in just months, this island could be transformed into a seabird paradise again, with its World Heritage Site status protected. And the Tristan albatross will recover and thrive.

Gough Island
Two yellow nosed albatross


Help stop an extinction


Given the coronavirus pandemic and increasing global travel restrictions, it has become impossible to complete the Gough Island restoration operation this season.

The loss of another season's chicks to mouse predation is devastating to us all. We remain committed to our mission to restore Gough as a seabird paradise, and our intention is to return in 2021.

All donations received will go straight to the Gough Island restoration operation and are needed - now more than ever - to help us get back to finish the job.

Thank you for your support and understanding.