Estuary of Southwick Water/Solway Firth at sunset

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Find out about our efforts to protect and expand special places for wildlife. You'll be amazed by the range of campaigns and appeals you can get involved in. With your support, we can work to 

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24 current appeals. With your support we can work to give nature a home.

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Please give nature £20.19 today

Your gift of £20.19 is urgently needed today

Our target £302850
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Turtle Dove Extinction Appeal

Time is running out for turtle doves. Please support our work to save them from extinction in the UK.

Our target £265000
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Help unlock a Secret Forest

You hold the key to a secret forest. Donate now and help us unlock an area of unique woodland in the New Forest.

Our target £500000
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Appeal to expand RSPB Coll

Help build a bigger home for nature

Our target £21000
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Coasts in Crisis Appeal

Danger threatens our shore birds. Donate to our Coasts in Crisis appeal

Our Target £300000
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Guardians of Sherwood Forest Appeal

Sherwood Forest is famous the world over. But it's not just for the legend of Robin Hood.

Our target £250000
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Red Alert

1 in 4 UK birds are now on the Red List of Conservation Concern. This is an emergency for UK bird life.

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Hope Farm

Run as a commercial enterprise we use Hope Farm to give hands on demonstrations of how farming can benefit wildlife.

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Friends of Abernethy

Our goal is to keep Abernethy special for wildlife and people for generations to come.

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Friends of Ramsey Island

Bought by the RSPB in 1992, Ramsey Island is a truly spectacular island reserve just off the north Pembrokeshire coast.

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RSPB Loch Lomond

To transform Loch Lomond into an exciting nature reserve for birds, wildlife and people there is still work to be done.

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Sealife Guardians

Help fund the urgent work needed to protect our wonderful sealife. Your donation will make a huge difference.

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Rainforest Guardians

Tropical forests are so full of life they practically have a heartbeat. Help us keep them alive.

Coast on a stormy day

Asian Vultures

Will you help us bring Asia's incredible vultures back from the brink?

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Flow Country Partners

We've secured the purchase of Forsinard and Dyke, and can now start vital restoration of damaged peatland back to bog.

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Friends of Coquet Island

Coquet Island is the only island left in the UK where you can still find a breeding population of roseate terns.

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Adopt a puffin

Sadly, if current declines continue, the UK could lose up to eight million puffins over the next 50 years.

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Scottish Patrons

Help us protect Scotland's wildlife and landscapes for future generations by becoming a Scottish Patron.

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Become a Habitats Pioneer

Become a recovering lost habitats pioneer in order to help find new methods to bring life back to the UK’s farmland.

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Become a Marine Pioneer

Marine life is suffering under the pressure of increasing human activities at sea. It needs your help.

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Become a Rainforest Pioneer

Become a rainforest pioneer to help plant trees to restore Harapan Rainforests support community development projects

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Birds of Prey Defenders

Persecution is still causing the deaths of hundreds of birds of prey every year.

Coast on a stormy day

Friends of the Albatross

We're asking for your help to continue our work to save the albatross.

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Friends of The Lodge

Heathland is vital for various species of birds. With your help we can create a wonderful home for vulnerable wildlife.


Sea cliffs with nesting sea birds at dusk, Ramsey Island RSPB reserve, Wales

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