Turn the tide for little terns

  • 60

    Eggs were deliberately destroyed in nests last year
  • 16%

    Of nests were lost to Storm Hector just before hatching
  • 20

    Nesting sites are still in need of our help
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Help turn the tide for little terns this summer

Every year, little terns struggle to raise a family on our beaches. Their eggs and chicks can easily be lost to high tides and storms. On top of that, they are also at risk from predators and human disturbance. With numbers plummeting, we embarked on a five-year EU-funded project (2014-2018) to protect little terns across 20 sites by:

  • erecting warning signs and raising awareness
  • fencing off nests to protect chicks
  • creating safer nesting sites
  • sheltering chicks and relocating nests threatened by flooding

As a result, 2,933 young successfully fledged during the course of the project, helping to slow local population declines.

But this funding has now ended and the progress we’ve made could easily be lost. Your gift today can help keep this vital work going

You can protect this year’s chicks from danger

We urgently need to raise £130,000 to keep the RSPB little tern conservation programme running this summer. With your help we can keep wardens in place, warning signs up, and nesting sites protected. Otherwise chicks will soon be at the mercy of rising seas, predators and disturbance once again.

We can’t stop now – little terns and their chicks are relying on us for their survival. With your help, we can keep protecting these wonderful birds for another year.

Please give whatever you can to help little terns today.

With your donation


could help put up educational signs on beaches to stop nest disturbance


could help roll out electric fences each summer to protect chicks from predators


could help build safer nesting sites and install nest monitoring cameras

Where your donation goes

This appeal is not for the costs of protection of little terns at Chesil Beach, Dorset, for which a separate appeal has recently been successful.

Thank you to anyone who has supported our Chesil Beach appeal which has already reached its target. The funds raised from this appeal will be used on other sites to help protect little tern nests, ward off predators and inform people how to avoid disturbing little terns during breeding season.

You’ll be helping us monitor population numbers and build stronger colonies - better able to withstand all the threats they face each summer. Ultimately you’ll be helping stop the decline in little tern numbers, so they eventually begin to recover all around the UK. Please help us to make this appeal a success too.