Landscape view of reserve showing heather and water, Arne RSPB Reserve, Dorset.

Lost Heathlands appeal

  • 80%

    of UK heathland has been lost since the 1800s
  • 1 in 10

    animals dependant on heathland are threatened by extinction
  • 2,393

    hectares of heathland are already protected
Our target


£ 27000

Help us reach it


The importance of heathland habitat

Of all the habitats that your support helps to protect, heathland is particularly special. It is in fact a complex mosaic of habitats, including grasslands, bogs, ponds, mires, scrub, woods and, of course, dwarf shrubs like heather.

It means that heathlands can home a cornucopia of wildlife, from silver-studded blue butterflies to emperor moths and heath tiger beetles; smooth snakes to tree pipits and nightjars. 

But sadly, this special habitat has disappeared fast. In the UK, 80% has been lost since the 1800s, through land-use change. The birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians of our heathlands need your help more than ever, with 1 in 10 now threatened with extinction.

Thanks to supporters like you, 2,393 hectares of heathland is already protected across our UK network of reserves – the equivalent of over 3,820 football pitches. But we need your help, as many areas are fragmented and too small to survive without active management.

Blue wood texture background

Help raise £100,000 to revitalise the UK’s heathlands over the next 12 months.

What we'll be doing

  • We'll manage areas of over-mature heather, using tried and tested methods.
  • We'll protect threatened wildlife, by establishing new heathland homes using heather seeds collected sustainably from existing sites.
  • You'll enable research into priority species, such as tree pipits and nightjars.
  • Let's reclaim the UK’s lost heathlands, by removing non-native conifer plantations that were planted in their place, but which offer little value to nature.

Your gift today will help to support RSPB projects seeking to restore and protect the UK’s lost heathlands. With 80% of this rare and special habitat being lost since the 1800s, what remains is vital to the survival of so much wonderful wildlife. 

The sweet song of the tree pipit

With your help, our heathlands could provide many more homes for birds like these.

With your help, our heathlands could provide many more homes for birds like these.

Tree pipit video screenshot

Why we need your help


could grow more than six square metres of new heathlands


could go towards enabling research into priority species


could help towards removing non-native conifer plantations