Help unlock a Secret Forest

  • 1000 acres

    You could protect wonderful woodland, pasture and heathland.
  • £29

    is all it costs to help cover the cost of 100 square metres
  • 1000

    years old, this valuable woodland is a precious habitat.
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You hold the key!


You hold the key

Your support today will help raise £500,000 to cover the cost of the remaining 174 hectares of Franchises Lodge – an area of over 1,000 acres of woodland, pasture, scrub and heath in the New Forest. With your support, we can safeguard the future of a unique area where wildlife treasures like threatened lesser-spotted woodpeckers and purple emperor butterflies make their home. 

Come on in...

Deep in the New Forest lies a secret forest, hidden from view for over a century. See how your donation today can create a new nature reserve and protect a magical home for nature.

Deep in the New Forest lies a secret forest, hidden from view for over a century. 

We can double your gifts

£10 = £20

to help protect the hidden woods and heathland

£30 = £60

to protect the homes of endangered woodland birds

£50 = £100

to help restore this wonderful home for nature


A once in a lifetime opportunity

Pristine ancient woodland is incredibly scarce, so this is an opportunity we can’t miss.  Once, the UK was covered in woodland like this. Now it covers only 1.2% of the UK. Old woods are good woods for nature, because they provide such a rich habitat.


You can help protect threatened birds

Sadly, hawfinches are in sharp decline. Along with other woodland species they make up one -third of the “Red-List” of birds of conservation concern, so it’s vital to protect this habitat. We expect to find rare spotted flycatchers and wood warblers here, plus firecrests and redstarts.


You could help discover wildlife treasures

We know Franchises Lodge could hold exciting wildlife treasures. But we don’t know exactly what we’ll find, until your gifts give us the opportunity to explore. The New Forest is already home to thousands of species of fungi, lichens, and beetles including the spectacular stag beetle. With 13 bat species already found in New Forest, your gift will help keep them safe.


Help extend the unique New Forest landscape

With carefully managed grazing, New Forest ponies could clear scrub and help open heathland regenerate. Over thousands of years they helped create the New Forest landscape. Your support today will support this traditional way of managing the land.


Together we can connect a beautiful landscape

This secret forest is the missing link that will connect two internationally important sites for nature in the New Forest; creating a vital bridge of nature rich land and a bigger, better home for wildlife.

Help us discover its secrets

Your gift could secure, protect and restore an important new home for wildlife.

Give all you can today and help us unlock the secrets of this untouched area of the New Forest.