Fantastic news for wildlife as First Minister says no to the M4 Black Route

Tuesday 4 June 2019

After many years fighting for nature on the Gwent Levels, we are celebrating the Government’s announcement that they will not go ahead with the M4 Black Route.

Fersiwn Gymraeg ar gael yma.

We are incredibly relieved that the proposed 14-mile stretch of motorway no longer threatens to devastate the rare wildlife that calls the Gwent Levels home. Wildlife like the shrill carder bumblebee, whose Gwent Levels population is one of its two remaining strongholds in the whole of the UK (it only has five populations left in total), and the elegant common crane, which has only recently returned to breed in Wales after more than 400 years’ absence.

Over the years, thousands of people across Wales have raised their voices to protect the Gwent Levels and objected to the Black Route that would have destroyed heritage, wildlife and communities. The array of wildlife shows what a special place the Gwent Levels is for nature, and it is also a very special place for the communities that live there whose wellbeing is restored by this precious green space that exists so close to Cardiff and Newport. The Gwent Levels is also known for its incredible history, which makes it a significant landmark in our Welsh heritage.

We are relieved and inspired by this decision, which signals Wales has a Government that takes sustainable development seriously - and that includes protecting our SSSIs and the wildlife that depends on them. Thanks to this brave and forward-thinking decision, we know our children will get to enjoy the beauty, wildlife, history and health benefits of the Gwent Levels for many years to come, and for many generations after.


Last Updated: Friday 12 July 2019

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