How to identify

The Waxwing is a plump bird, which is slightly smaller than a Starling. It has a prominent crest (head feathers that stick up). It's reddish-brown with a black throat, a small black mask around its eye, yellow and white in the wings and a yellow-tipped tail. It does not breed in the UK, but is a winter visitor. In some years, we see larger numbers of visiting Waxwings, called irruptions, when the population in their breeding grounds gets too big for the food available.



Patrik Åberg / xeno-canto


  1. Resident
  2. Passage
  3. Summer
  4. Winter
* This map is intended as a guide. It shows general distribution rather than detailed, localised populations.
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  2. Feb
  3. Mar
  4. Apr
  5. May
  6. Jun
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