Skylark on fence post with barbed wire.

Skylark conservation

The RSPB owns a 180-hectare farm in Cambridgeshire which is used to investigate and develop new wildlife-friendly farming methods to benefit bird species such as the skylark.

Skylark plots

Research carried out at the farm has discovered that small areas left unsown in winter cereals boost the nesting opportunities and food availability for skylarks.

These skylark plots need to be 16-24 metres square and positioned away from field edges and tramlines. Just two skylark plots per hectare have significant benefits for the birds. Skylark plots are an option in the Entry Level Scheme open to all farmers in England.

The RSPB manages its reserves to improve the habitat for birds, and advises farmers on ways they can encourage skylarks. Leaflets are available for farmers, landowners and managers giving advice on measures to take to help skylarks and other birds.

Wheatfields prior to harvest at RSPB's Hope Farm

How you can help

Why is the RSPB interested in farming? Farmland is crucial for many of our countryside birds. Read more about our Hope Farm project.