Swifts flying over rooftops


Swifts are in trouble. The UK has seen numbers plummeting, with a 53% decline between 1995 and 2016. To help them, we want to get 1,000 swift nestboxes put up before they arrive at the end of April. Can you help?

Swifts nest in gaps high up on our homes and in other buildings. But there’s a problem. When buildings are refurbished or demolished, these important nooks and crannies are lost and swifts have nowhere to nest. You can help by providing alternative nest sites:

> Put up a swift nestbox

> Make a swift nestbox

> Or if you’re involved in a new build or renovation project, by installing a specially designed ‘swift brick’. Scroll down to find out more about how you can help this amazing bird.

Help swifts

Close-up of a swift's head

Help us take swift action to change the fortunes of this unique and iconic bird. Keep your eyes peeled and take part in our Swift Survey!

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