On a ridge above the Thames Marshes, Northward Hill nature reserve offers spectacular views and spectacular wildlife in peaceful countryside. Wander miles of trails, and explore marshes and hayfields, bustling with birds, a beautiful wood awash with Bluebells in spring, and even a cherry orchard. 

In summer, there’s plenty of wildlife to enjoy in the day and evening, including butterflies and dragonflies, bats and moths. In winter, the reserve is busy with flocks of winter ducks, and the drama of a huge roost of Rooks and Jackdaws at dusk. You might spot some exciting birds of prey, and perhaps a Short-eared Owl.

The land was drained in the 1940s, so after purchasing the land in the 1990s, we set about restoring the wetland to its former glory. Today, the reserve is enjoyed by a large wader population, waterfowl, Water Voles, rare invertebrates and much more.

We have almost 250 pairs of Grey Heron and Little Egrets nesting in the trees at Northward Hill. Sadly these can't be seen from the Heronry Viewpoint, but can be spotted feeding across the marsh. In spring, a carpet of Bluebells and the song of Blackcaps and Nightingales fill the wood, creating a haven that is perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

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