Go on a night-time nature hunt

Nature adventurers don’t just stop exploring when it gets dark...

Get ready

In fact, exploring when it’s dark can be especially exciting. There are new sounds to listen out for, different animals to look for, and you may find that even familiar things can seem quite different in the dark.

Make sure you use your nose - many flowers smell much stronger at night. 

Grab your grown-up, a torch and something warm to wear, it’s time for a night-time adventure.

How many of these can you find?  

  • Insects near a bright light 
  • Moon
  • Bat
  • Owl hooting
  • Night-smelling flowers, like honeysuckle, jasmine or hebe
  • Snail
  • Spider
  • Animal rustling in a tree
  • Stars
Snail on wet stone

Minibeast hunt

Minibeasts such as snails and woodlice are more active at night, so you’re more likely to see them out and about scavenging for food.

So grab your torch and get hunting.

If you cover your torch with red cellophane - you can use the wrapper from a sweet - and attach it with an elastic band, you may have more luck as red light is less likely to disturb any animals. 

Download our ID sheets so you can identify what you find.

Children looking at minibeasts

Wild Challenge

Child jumping
Listen. Can you hear that? That's the call of the wild!

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