Brent goose formations in the sky, Hampshire

Count your wild miles

Cut down on your carbon footprint by walking or cycling to school instead of using the car.

Challenge yourself and your family to travel under your own steam on journeys where you would normally take the car.

Wildlife has no choice but to use the power of its wings, fins and feet to move and some species make amazing migrations. Can you match a small proportion of their efforts in just a week?


You could match a painted lady butterfly by travelling a total of eight miles (they travel 800 miles from North Africa in the wild).


Go a little further and match a waxwing by travelling 11 miles (they travel 1,100 miles from Scandinavia in the wild).


Match a brent goose by travelling 13 miles (they travel 1,900 from Canada in the wild).


Or match a swooping swift by travelling 30 miles (they travel 3,000 miles from Africa in the wild).


Match a cuckoo by travelling 50 miles (they travel 5,000 miles from Africa in the wild).


Or you could really go for it and match a Manx shearwater by travelling 63 miles (they travel 6,300 miles from South America in the wild).


Why should I do this - you might ask. On the one hand you'll be cutting down your carbon footprint and taking an important step forward to help counter global warming.


But, beyond this, you'll also be taking the opportunity to walk or cycle instead of driving which will be good for your health, too!


Ps: Make sure you take a parent or guardian with you on your travels!


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What you will need

Counting wild miles is an easy activity and all you really need are a sturdy pair of shoes and a good pair of eyes. 

However, you will probably also need some of the following:

  • A pair of legs
  • A wheelchair
  • A bike/scooter or pair or roller shoes/skates
  • A warm and waterproof coat 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Print out our count your wild miles sheet or make a tally chart with names on the left and space to tally up your total on the right and stick it to the fridge.
  2. When anyone in your family decides to walk, run or cycle a route they would normally do in the car, use Google Maps to find out how far it is.
  3. For each mile travelled, colour in a bird on your sheet or mark a tally next to each person's name.
  4. At the end of the week, add up the tally for the whole family and see which animal you are!
  5. Don't forget to tell us when you have completed the activity! When you mark the activity as complete, you will be asked to upload a picture of your chart or your family walking or cycling and send it in as proof.
Close up of a swift flying

Completing the activity

Use the 'Mark as complete' button at the top of this page to tell us you've completed your activity. You'll need to show us what you did by uploading a photo of your chart or you and your family walking and cycling! Alternatively, draw or paint what you saw  on your adventure or upload a piece of writing talking about your experience.

Family at Labrador Bay

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