Children from the Chough Club based at St.Just Primary School, exploring the cliff top habitat and looking for Choughs, Botallack, Cornwall

Inspire friends and family

Nature needs our help. We can't do it alone, so we need to spread the word. Let's give nature a bigger team!

If you're reading this, then you know that nature needs our help. 

We need your help to inspire others with how amazing nature is and help them understand what they can do and get them involved too. Get creative and spread the word!

You could put on a show, make a display, even get in the news! Why not make your friends and family badges with a message to encourage people to save nature? Or how about sharing the message with your classmates at 'show and tell', or using a school project to show your love of nature and why it needs help? Maybe you can encourage others to sign up for Wild Challenge!


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Did you know: the RSPB started with a group of passionate women, who came together to protest against using bird feathers on ladies' hats!


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What you will need

  • The determination and dedication to tell others what needs to be done to give nature a home
  • Pen and paper or access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone 
  • Knowledge of what nature near you needs to feed, breed and thrive
  • The ability to persuade others to join nature's team!

Step-by-step guide

  1. First of all, decide who you want to inspire and how you might spread the word. Anything from a school or window display to starting a wildlife blog can help share the message.
  2. Think carefully about your message. It needs to be very simple and clear and it needs a 'call to action', which means a simple idea of what people can do - such as 'Feed the birds in your garden during the autumn and winter months'.

    It's important that after getting them interested, they know what they can do.
  3. Go for it - and good luck!
  4. Don't forget to tell us when you have completed the activity! When you mark the activity as complete, you will be asked to upload a photo or description of your experience to help earn your award.

Completing the activity

Use the 'Mark as complete' button at the top of this page to tell us you've completed your activity. Let us know how you’re inspiring your family and friends. You'll need to show us what you did by uploading a photo of you all together or describe how you’ve got them hooked on nature.

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