Planning the Bioblitz, Schools' Outreach Project, Glasgow

School outreach visits

Supporting real-world learning experiences outside the classroom

Our trained educators will facilitate interactive, enquiry-based discovery of the natural world in your outdoor space. We have visits available in Belfast, Birmingham,Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham & Derby.

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What's on offer?

We have a selection of fantastically engaging, age-appropriate, curriculum-linked sessions, all contributing towards RSPB’s Wild Challenge Award, Eco-Schools Programme and John Muir Awards. Our trained educators bring resources and specialist equipment, adding value to the workshops. 

Sessions for primary years:

  • Bioblitz (KS1/KS2/P5-P7)

Using binoculars, bug pots and ID guides your pupils will independently identify species adapted to the local environment, supporting understanding and enquiry of food chains, classification and biodiversity.

  • Habitat Explorer (KS1/KS2/P5-P7)

Working scientifically your pupils will map and score your school grounds for nature – identifying habitats that already exist and using the data to effectively contribute to a biodiversity action plan.

  • Wild Words (KS1/KS2)

Exploring your school grounds using all their senses, your pupils will collect natural objects and expand their vocabulary around your chosen language focus, forming, articulating, communicating and organising ideas as a stimulus for creative and effective writing.

  • Wildlife detectives (P2-P4 Scotland only)

Get outside and start searching for evidence of the wildlife that lives around you and who is using your grounds when you are not there. Armed with simple nature detective equipment, pupils will use their best detecting skills to find signs of wildlife like feathers, poo and spiderwebs.

  • Plant Safari (P2-P4 Scotland only)

Identifying the plants around you. Name wildflowers, trees and shrubs whilst also looking for similarities and differences.

Sessions for early years:

  • Minibeast Safari

Using simple detective equipment your pupils will hunt for minibeasts, independently asking questions to find out where they might be hiding and embedding awe and wonder into everyday curiosity of the world around them.

  • Sensing the World (inc. Scotland P1)

Taking time to encourage child-led looking, listening, touching and smelling, your pupils will explore your school grounds, noting what they share their play with every day. They’ll discover a variety of colour and texture and share their preferences as they describe their smelly creations!

  • Wild Words

Travelling around your outdoor space thinking about the journey of an animal, your pupils will collect natural discoveries and develop language and vocabulary that will become prompts for sequencing a story to retell the experience.

  • I Spy Wildlife (P1 Scotland only)

Closely observe the wildlife around you. Colours, size, behaviour and shape all help develop better identification skills.

Schools Outreach Programme

How much will this cost?

RSPB subsidises 50% of the cost of sessions therefore, in England and Northern Ireland these 90 minute sessions cost (max 30 pupils):

1 session = £60 (+VAT)

2 sessions on the same day = £100 (+VAT)

3 sessions on the same day = £140 (+VAT)

In Cardiff, we can deliver free outreach sessions to all primary schools, nurseries and early years settings until 2022 because of funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

In Scotland, a different format is offered. The programme for primary and early years includes two 90 minute RSPB-facilitated sessions spread over one term, with a teacher-led session in between. 

  • Experience Nature’ – A Wild Challenge facilitated session includes an introduction to your school’s wildlife and local green spaces through activities such as species and habitat identification, species movement and connectivity. Curriculum areas: Sciences, Numeracy, Health & Wellbeing (Choose your session on the enquiry form)
  • Wild Challenge’ - Teacher-led activity contributing towards building a better picture of your schools grounds.
  • Help Nature’ – A Wild Challenge facilitated session, pupils will receive a co-design and planning workshop where they are equipped to design conservation actions and/or begin to put into place a campaign strategy. Curriculum areas: Social Studies, Moral Education, Technologies, Literacy

The total cost of this programme is: £120 (+VAT)


Bioblitz session

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    What does a session look like?

    As part of an exciting programme available in many cities across mainland Britain, this video provides a glimpse of what your school can expect from one of our outreach visits.

    An inside look into the RSPB school outreach visits. The sessions in action and interviews with teachers. 

    Schools outreach video screenshot

    What teachers say

    “Really got children thinking about interesting adjectives and using their senses. Excellent motivation/stimulus for writing”

    Wild Words P1 Class, Edinburgh

    “Good links with the foundation phase curriculum - great vocabulary for EAL learners”   

    Sensing the World Nursery Class, Cardiff

    “Children were really engaged and motivated with tools to look for creatures themselves. They had the freedom to explore surroundings taking ownership of the task”

    Bioblitz P6 Class, Belfast

    “Great vocabulary used about science topic. Good questioning to children, allowing them to think about their answers”

    Habitat Explorer Yr3 Class, Manchester

    Quality Badge Award

    Learning outside the classroom quality badge
    Many of our reserves and outreach programmes have a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge - a nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision