School outreach visits

We’re working to connect young people with the natural world.

It costs as little as £2.00 per child per session.

Are you interested?

Bioblitz session
We are currently delivering these sessions in Birmingham, Manchester and Norwich. Fill in our simple online form and a contact will get back to you as soon as possible.

What's on offer?

We have a selection of fantastically engaging sessions on offer in selected cities and the surrounding area. 

Sessions for primary years are:

  • Wild Words 

Exploring your school grounds through the eyes of an animal, collecting natural things and generating ‘wild words’ that can be used as a stimulus for literacy work

  • Giving Nature A Home

Designed to help your pupils map and score your school grounds for nature - identifying habitats that already exist and spotting opportunities for creating more.

  • Bioblitz

We’ll help your pupils hunt for plants and minibeasts under every rock, bush and doormat.

The engaging outdoor sessions for early years are:

  • Wild Words

Travel around your outdoor space thinking about the journey of an animal. Collect natural discoveries and use ‘wild words’ that can be used as prompts for retelling the experience.

  • Habitat Explorer

What marvellous minibeasts do you know about and where would you look for them? Find minibeasts in your grounds by identifying habitats that already exist and spotting opportunities for creating more.

  • Sensing The World 

Explore your outdoor area using your senses. Make your own nature’s colours collection, discover and describe textures as we create a piece of wild art.

A perfect fit with the curriculum

Our sessions are designed to fit with the curriculum for your class. Download ‘Curriculum links’ to decide which workshops to book.

There are several choices for sessions, suitable for all age groups and curriculums.


What teachers say

"We plan to have further nature find activities. Thank you Sandra, we love the way you deliver your lessons. You are an inspiration."

West End Montessori Pre-School, Glasgow – EY Wild Words

"Great engagement. The children loved having their own bags and making their potions."

Elton Primary School, Liverpool – EY STW

"Jo really engaged the children well and made them excited about the activity. Thank you."

Rothwell Haigh Road Infant School, Leeds – Yr2 Bioblitz

"Well resourced, excellent knowledge passed on to children, they all thoroughly enjoyed it."

Mary Dean’s School, Plymouth – Yr5 Bioblitz

How much will all this cost?

There are 3 packages that you can choose from:


This is a one off visit from a member of our team to deliver 1 workshop. 


2 different workshops per class to be taken any time across the academic year.


3 different workshops per class to be taken any time across the academic year.

Special new day rate

£342 to deliver multiple workshops in a day. (Dependant on class sizes, school grounds and staff availability).

No. of classes 1 2 3 4 5 6





















All prices are inclusive of VAT.

*Please contact us directly for bookings of 7 or more classes.


Wild Challenge for schools

A visit from us will help you work towards Wild Challenge awards with your class – or you could even get the whole school involved. Take part in a range of wild activities, from looking at leaves and bugs to creating homes for wildlife.

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