Bottlenose dolphin


Aberdeen is one of the best places in Europe to see bottlenose dolphins.

Where to see dolphins

Torry Battery is a fantastic spot to see dolphins all year round. With panoramic views of the harbour mouth and North Sea, you may also enjoy spectacular sightings of marine wildlife such as seabirds, seals, otters and whales.

The best place to look for dolphins is between the orange breakwater wall and the lighthouse during summer months, when the dolphins can sometimes be seen feeding.

Aberdeen harbour is the most reliable spot to see dolphins, but other greats spots to visit are Cove Bay, Chanonry Point and Spey Bay.

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Dolphinwatch viewing

Join the Dolphinwatch team at Torry Battery, Thursday-Sunday, 11am-5pm (weather permitting) from April 11 – August 18 2019.

We provide binoculars, spotting scopes, lots of information about the dolphins and activities for families.

Special events are held throughout the season, from rockpool rambles to beach cleans, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

You’ll find us at Torry Battery car park, off Greyhope Road, Aberdeen. Look for the RSPB van! There are no amenities and it can be blustery so bring warm, waterproof clothing, sunscreen and any drinks or snacks you need. Wheelchair accessible parking is available.



Where to find us

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      You’ll find us at Torry Battery car park, off Greyhope Road, Aberdeen. Look out for the RSPB van!

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    Dolphinwatch Schools

    Inspire your class with amazing marine wildlife by booking a FREE Dolphin Day. We provide local Aberdeen schools with the opportunity to learn all about the incredible marine wildlife on their doorstep and ways we can help protect it. With classroom-based talks and visits to Torry Battery, teachers can choose from a range of activities which will engage and enthuse their students. For more information or to book a visit please email:

    Aberdeen is home to amazing wildlife, from the small to the large.
    With some easier to spot than others.

    My favourite bird is a puffin because it’s got different colours on its beak which is kind of cool.
    My favourite animal can regrow its own legs.
    My favourite animal can hold its breath for 8 minutes and swim at 20 miles per hour.

    They all live in the same place, right here in the seas, cliffs and beaches around Aberdeen and they all rely on the ocean for food.

    But, sadly, many of these amazing animals are under threat.

    Kittiwakes are a really beautiful seabird but sadly they’ve dropped in numbers by about 72%.

    Climate change is a massive threat to marine food chains because warmer seas make plankton harder to find. Plankton is eaten by fish and fish are eaten by seabirds and mammals and so if plankton disappears, all our other wildlife are going to suffer.

    A big problem for whales, dolphins, porpoises and seabirds is getting accidentally caught in fishing nets.

    We are also learning more and more about the problem of plastic litter in the oceans.

    These problems are worrying but there’s a lot to be excited about.
    We’re very lucky that we can see these animals and we can all get involved in protecting them.

    If you want to run a beach clean-up it’s really easy.
    Make sure you’re recycling everything you can.

    You can say no to plastic when it’s not needed.

    Choose to walk or cycle instead of taking the car to stop pollution.

    Turn off switches to save electricity and help stop climate change.

    If we all work together we can protect the wildlife.
    And make sure all of our favourite marine animals have a positive future.

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    Dolphinwatch schools

    DolphinFest 2019

    25 – 28 April 2019

    Four days, four locations

    DolphinFest 2019 is a celebration of the amazing marine wildlife we have in Aberdeen, particularly the dolphins. With special guest speakers, film screenings, family fun and games, plus an escape room, inflatable road show, guided walks, rockpooling and beach cleans, there is something for everyone! 

    The festival is organised by RSPB Scotland, thanks to funding from the National Lottery Fund and ScottishPower Foundation, and is supported by organisations and individuals across Scotland.

    Most of the DolphinFest events are free but all charities involved would appreciate donations. There are two special events which are not free and which require advanced booking: the launch with guest speaker Doug Allan on Thursday 25 April 2 and the Dolphin Quest Escape Room on Saturday 27 April, and Sunday 28 April. You can book these events by calling 01224 641122 or online at

    DolphinFest 2019 programme

    Thank you

    Dolphinwatch is a project funded by the ScottishPower Foundation and National Lottery Heritage Fund and led by RSPB Scotland in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

    Watching dolphins in Aberdeen