Help nature at home

The twitter of bird song, the glimpse of a hedgehog, or the buzz of insects going about their business can make it feel like nature is doing ok. But sadly, that's not the case - nature's in crisis. Exploitation, pollution and destruction of our natural world is being intensified by a planet in climate crisis. But together we can save it…

Helping nature starts at home. The simple activities you're about to do will help your local wildlife, contribute to our collective efforts to support nature right across the country, and improve your outdoor space for you to enjoy. Get started with six tailored activities that are just perfect for your patch.

Give nature a home in your garden

Create your personal plan

Get started with six tailored activities that are just perfect for your patch.

Count the birds that are counting on you

Take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch and help build a picture of how our garden birds are faring across the UK. Sign up for everything you need to know, from how to get the birds flocking to your patch to top tips on identifying what you see.

Something to shout about

Show us what #ActionsForNature you’re taking by submitting your photos or videos here

Jump right in

Whether you’ve a few flowerpots, balcony, bijou back yard, or larger garden, there’s an activity that’s sure to suit you. Here are some activities for you to try today:

Get the little ones involved

Get the whole family involved with Wild Challenge. This is a great award scheme that is all about doing things to help nature at home, as well as helping children forge a lasting friendship with the natural world.

There are lots of fun activities for you to choose from, whatever your children’s ages and abilities.

Family searching for bugs