The future for farming and nature

You have the power to shape a better future for farming. Let’s restore the thriving wildlife and healthy environment that food production depends on.

Farming that works for nature could do more than anything else to get wildlife numbers rising again.

Around 75% of the UK is farmed, and farmland birds and wildlife have been hard-hit by policies which control how that land is managed. 

Did you know we could have a farming system that grows our food, and improves the environment? Plenty of farmers want to see this happen too – together we need to tell our Governments that we want to see a sustainable, productive countryside rich in wildlife. Join us to fight for a farming system that is good for farmers, good for people and good for nature.

Fix Scotland's food system

The Government are consulting on a new law for our food system. Now is the time to share your thoughts.

Campaign with us

Wave Climate Change march

As an RSPB campaigner, you can make your voice heard about farming and other vital issues for nature. Sign up to be a Campaign Champion and we’ll keep you up to date with how you can take action.