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Nature is amazing. It’s beautiful, it brings us joy, and it inspires us. But nature is in crisis. The next two years are critical – in 2020 world leaders come together in Beijing at a global summit to save nature. The governments of the UK must play a central role. We need:

  • Our existing nature protection laws to remain at least as strong as they are now
  • New laws that drive nature’s recovery in all four countries of the UK, including through setting binding long-term targets, and creating world-leading environmental watchdogs
  • Agriculture reform to support the recovery of nature in all four countries of the UK
  • Global leadership from the UK to ensure Beijing succeeds in establishing a new global deal for nature

You have a powerful voice in persuading governments to make these changes.

Join the movement and realise your power by signing up as an RSPB campaigner. We’ll give you guidance and support to fight for the issues you care about most, plus lots of opportunities to take action online and in your community.

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Read our guide to campaigning for tips and tricks on all the different ways you can campaign for nature.

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