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Support an Environment Act that works for nature.

As the UK Government works on a new Environment Act for England, it's our opportunity to take action and make nature’s future protection certain.

Take action to support nature

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A chance to save nature

Nature is in trouble. An audit of the UK's wildlife found that over half of species assessed had declined since the 1970s (see State of Nature report), with many of our much-loved animals, such as puffins, water voles and red squirrels, struggling.

The UK Government has committed to leaving the environment in a better state than they inherited it, and promised a world-leading, independent body to “hold government to account and give the environment a voice”.


We’ll need new nature laws

We’re already working hard publicly and behind the scenes to speed up action, from successfully influencing the EU Withdrawal Act to generating thousands of submissions to the consultation on the England watchdog.

Thanks to the success of our Withdrawal Act activity, the UK Government must now bring forward new environment legislation before the end of the year and the Prime Minister recently announced they would be doing just that.

We will be campaigning hard to influence what goes in it and we’ll need your help. 

Puffin at The Shiant Isles

What nature really needs from government

If the UK Government is serious about acting to reverse these declines, we need them to pass an Environment Act that:

  • Sets out ambitious targets in law for nature’s recovery
  • Acts to close the gap in environmental protection that leaving the EU will create 
  • Creates an independent watchdog to properly hold UK government and public bodies to account.

We also need them to work together across the four nations of the UK to address our shared environmental challenges.

We can do this – we’ve already got key wins

This is about even more than securing nature’s recovery across the UK. With the global summit for nature (the Convention on Biological Diversity conference) just over two years away in 2020, our success at home now could pave the way toward greater ambition around the world.

Want to do even more? We're here to help

Wave Climate Change march, London December 5, 2009

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