The Environment Bill

We need meaningful change

We need an Environment Bill that delivers meaningful change for nature.

The Environment Bill could be the law that reverses the decline of nature in England, but currently the bill is weak and fails to hold Government to account. 

Nature is in crisis

We are in a nature and climate crisis. Since 1970 over 40% of the UK's species have declined. The recovery of nature is key to stopping the climate crisis. Habitats such as woodlands and peatbogs store vast amounts of carbon, as well as cleaning our air and water from pollutants, and protecting us from extreme weather events like flooding. But we have lost much of our natural world. Putting us, our wildlife and our climate at greater risk.

Around the country, people are doing great things to bring back nature and wildlife in their own lives, but Government action is still the key to unlocking the change we need. Your voice can help get them to commit to solving the nature and climate crisis.

What can you do?

In its current state, the bill fails to provide the necessary steps needed to tackle the nature and climate emergency.

But, there are key areas which, if strengthened, will set us on the path to address the nature and climate crisis.

Please write to your MP and ask them to make sure this bill works to bring back nature – for people, wildlife and the climate.

Take a look at our campaigning tools to get more ideas about how you can campaign for changes to the Environment Bill.

Whether it’s talking to others, sharing on social media, or speaking to your MP face to face, we have lots of tips and tricks to help you go the extra mile.