Let Nature Sing
Thank you for getting birdsong into the top 20 and bringing it to millions in our takeover. Keep listening and taking action for nature.
Let Nature Sing video

Vote with nature in mind

Spotted flycatcher

The General Election is the perfect time to demand that nature is on the political agenda. Let's unite and send a message that can't be ignored: politicians must commit to defending our shared home. #LetNatureSing

What's it all about?

bird song

Nature is in crisis, and the signs are everywhere. But there is time to change things. A movement is building and through Let Nature Sing and the upcoming State of Nature report, we’re playing our part. Come and join us.

Make a change for nature

Now you’ve taken part in the takeover, there are still lots of ways you can make a change. From going green at home to campaigning with us, you can help make a positive contribution to the environment. Don’t forget, you can still listen to bird song via our Birdsong Radio app, and get your friends involved! Let us know how you get on using #LetNatureSing

Host your own bird song takeover

Even though we took over the UK on 17 October, you can still host your own takeover and share your love of bird song! You can organise afternoon tea with a bird song soundtrack, run a bird song listening party, or encourage work mates to take a bird song break!