Love Minsmere

Love Minsmere

We asked for your help and an incredible 20,419 of you acted and emailed EDF. Thank you. #LoveMinsmere

Working together to save Minsmere

The Sizewell Estate, on the southern boundary of Minsmere, is where EDF plan to build a new nuclear power station, Sizewell C. This could be catastrophic for wildlife. The building work may increase erosion, upsetting the delicate balance of the reserve. It could affect the water levels in Minsmere’s ditches, impacting its rare wetland wildlife, which includes bitterns, otters and ducks. Once the construction is in progress, it may increase levels of noise and light pollution. Rare marsh harriers, breeding ducks and geese and wading birds are very sensitive to this. The effects will be long-term.

We asked for your help – to tell EDF what you think, and to protect this special landscape for the future. An incredible 20,419 of you acted and emailed EDF. Thank you so much for your continued support.

What's next?

Minsmere RSPB Reserve, view across Minsmere from Dunwich

On 15 September we'll be hosting the first-ever Love Minsmere Festival, to celebrate the reserve, its rare wildlife and to send a powerful message to EDF that we all Love Minsmere and want to see it protected from the impacts of Sizewell C. Find out more here.

An application for a Development Consent Order is expected in January 2020. If the application is accepted by the Planning Inspectorate, which normally takes around three months, a six-month examination of the proposals will begin. During this period, interested parties can contribute their views, either in writing or by attending hearings. More details about this can be found here.

We’ll continue to update these pages with details of how you can get involved.

Love Minsmere with Chris Packham

Chris Packham tells us to Love Minsmere: why we should save it, and why it’s under threat.

Chris Packham tells us to Love Minsmere: why we should save it, and why it’s under threat.

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Minsmere RSPB Reserve, general view of Boomacre Mere


A visit to Minsmere is unforgettable. This wild and beautiful landscape buzzes with the sound of insects, and echoes with birdsong. If EDF do not protect the reserve, the wildlife could lose its home.

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Wave Climate Change march, London December 5, 2009

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