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Campaigning in Scotland

We’re more aware of nature than ever before, but the crisis facing nature is huge. We need to act now: and you can make a difference.

Nature in Scotland needs your help

We need nature, but we’re failing it. In Scotland, 49% of species have declined and one in nine is threatened with extinction. We can change this. The future of Scotland’s wildlife and wild places depends on decisions made in Scotland. We’re challenging all 129 newly elected MSPs to bring in legislation and policies that will aid nature’s recovery rather than its destruction. Will you join us? 

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A plan for nature’s recovery 

Scotland has made some progress for nature and the climate but must do better. Together with our partners WWF Scotland and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, we’ve published a Nature Recovery Plan for Scotland. This has 11 actions that would provide the first steps needed to help Revive Our World. 

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Glasgow to Globe

Glasgow to Globe is our new living exhibition and event space in Glasgow Botanic Gardens which will highlight how local, national and global actions for nature can help solve the nature and climate emergency and support happier and healthier communities ahead of COP26. Find out more about visiting the space and our events programme.

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What happened at the Global Day of Action?

We came and we made a splash! Find out how many people showed up for nature (clue – it was a lot!), which giant bird graced the skies and hit the headlines at marches in Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff and Belfast, and how to catch up on the highlights of the inspiring day.

Together, we sent a strong message that world leaders need to make urgent decisions for nature and the climate. Now it’s time for them to act.

Become a Campaign Champion


Make your voice heard on issues you care about. Our network of Campaign Champions are vital in making sure that politicians and decision-makers know that issues affecting nature are important, and to persuade them to make a difference for nature.

The good news is a lot of it can be done from home!



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In-Depth Resources

Scotland’s wildlife has been consistently declining for the last 30 years, with little sign of improvement. The Scottish Parliament has the power to change that, by addressing the biggest drivers of the declines. The 11 actions in the Nature Recovery Plan for Scotland are a good place to start.   

Help revive our oceans by reducing plastic waste

Revive Our World

Sign the petition to save nature