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Campaigning in Wales

We have a huge opportunity to turn around nature's decline in Wales. But only if we act now. If you care about nature, join us and be the voice for change.

Towards a green and just future for Wales

If politicians follow our five steps to a sustainable future, we can create a Wales where people live in harmony with wildlife, in a resilient society, with a nature-rich economy for future generations.

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Revive Our World podcast

Join RSPB Cymru as we talk to experts, campaigners and nature lovers about the issues we're facing right now, how people can make a difference and how we can Revive Our World.

Speak up for Nature in Wales

Download our guide to find out ways you can make your concerns about the nature and climate emergency loud and clear to the politicians in your local area.


The Welsh Government have the chance to create a nature positive future. The more of us that demand it, the less they can ignore it.

Large avocet puppet at the Global Day of Action with a rainbow behind

What happened at the Global Day of Action?

We came and we made a splash! Find out how many people showed up for nature (clue – it was a lot!), which giant bird graced the skies and hit the headlines at marches in Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff and Belfast, and how to catch up on the highlights of the inspiring day.

Together, we sent a strong message that world leaders need to make urgent decisions for nature and the climate. Now it’s time for them to act.

Swifts over rooftops

Three ways you can take action

Nature is at a critical point in Wales, but in 2021 there are some crucial opportunities for us all to make a difference. We've put together a list of three simple things you can do now, which really can help change things for the better.

Inspiring nature’s revival through art

Nature and the arts have always gone hand-in-hand. RSPB Cymru has been working with two artists who regularly draw on nature as an influence, to celebrate one of Wales’ greatest revival successes and to use their music and sculpture to inspire the Welsh public to speak up for nature.

Help revive our oceans by reducing plastic waste

Sign the petition

Nature is in crisis. If we act now, we can make a difference. Join us in demanding legally-binding targets to #ReviveOurWorld