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Your Actions for Nature

Spring and summer 2020 were unlike any we’ve ever had before, and there are still more strange times to come. ​ We all had to spend long periods of time at home, but we saw this meant nature had time to breathe again, and our appreciation and love of it was renewed. 

It inspired so many of you to take #ActionsForNature - and share them with us. ​As we look back at your summer memories of 2020, we wanted to thank and celebrate our #ActionsForNature superstars. 

Here are a few of our favourites. Read them, and who knows where this might lead? They all fitted into seven main categories: inspiring creativity, connecting to nature, campaigning, celebrating nature, giving nature a home, living sustainably, and supporting others. 

The wild teacher 

Connecting to nature

Steve got the whole of Wordsworth Primary School in Southampton learning outside in their school Nature Zone! During the full lockdown of 2020, children of keyworkers and vulnerable children experienced learning in the Nature Zone as a test run. When the school reopened, around half the lessons were held outside, fostering a love of nature and the outdoors – for all staff to engage with! 

The photographer 

Celebrating nature 

Lockdown inspired a love of nature in 13-year old Jack. He started by taking photos of birds and progressed to catching videos of badgers and foxes on a camera trap. He has now created a blog to showcase his work. He says, “For me, lockdown has really opened my eyes fully to the wonderful world of wildlife and how much help it needs right now.” 

Benji's painting of a dragonfly | The RSPB

The artist

Inspiring creativity

7-year-old Benji’s passion and love of nature shines through in his incredible artwork. He’s fascinated by the details in nature, and scientific facts about each species. During lockdown he's been featured by Chris Packham, published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, and received encouragement from his all-time hero David Attenborough! Benji is passionate about protecting nature and wildlife, and wants to use his artwork to encourage people to look after nature.

The campaigner


Jasmijn has been campaigning with the Youth Climate Association NI since February 2019. She also volunteers for the RSPB as part of the Youth Council and at Belfast Window on Wildlife. She says: “Taking action for nature by campaigning can be challenging, but it’s also really rewarding too. My advice to anyone wanting a new way to take action for nature is to get involved.”

The guerrilla gardener

Giving nature a home

Kevin decided to start a wildflower garden in a car park on an industrial compound as the area had become an eyesore. Kevin, together with John who rents the next unit, planted wildflower seeds, and it is now brimming with life. He says: “The response… has been heart-warming. The insects are a joy, so much so we have done the same at home.”

The blogger

Living sustainably

Through Katie’s Environmental Science studies, they have become increasingly aware of environmental issues and have put together a blog on the environment and mental health, and how they are connected. It also shows ways that people can be more eco-friendly in daily life. Katie says: “Lockdown has also given me the time to just walk more, which has been great.”

Caroline and Wendy - the park magicians | The RSPB

The park magicians

Supporting others

Caroline and Wendy overhauled a derelict area of local park by creating flower beds, a butterfly garden, bug hotel and bird feeding area, and engaged the local community including the local fire brigade. They say: “We have been delighted by the response to our efforts in the park and have even been offered a large donation by a local family.”

And there’s more!

This is just a flavour of the stories we’ve received. Read on to get a taster of some of the other ways people have taken action for nature, including creating hedgehog homes, walking in wild spaces, and planting wildflowers.

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